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The Agenda will be prepared by the Secretariat in consultation with the Joint Chairmanship. Such agenda will be circulated to the members in a timely manner prior to meetings.

 Time & Place of Meeting

The TDG Steering Committee meeting is scheduled bi-annually and it will be hosted at the MCMC headquarters or any such venue as may be decided by the Joint Chair.

Attendance by Invitation

Any person may be invited to attend the TDG Steering Committee meeting for the purpose of presenting and/or in advisory capacity on matters under discussion with prior agreement of the Joint Chairmanship.

Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of meeting for all meetings shall be prepared by the Secretariat of the Steering Committee and the respective SIG in a timely manner, maintained and kept in a proper form.

Other matters

The Joint Chairmanship may from time to time, make such administrative or procedural decisions as may be necessary or appropriate in relation to the meetings and to amend or vary the procedures herein.