Telemedicine Innovation Challenge (TIC)

Telemedicine Innovation Challenge (TIC) is a nationwide innovation challenge that is held annually in conjunction with the Malaysia Telemedicine Conference which is organized by Telemedicine Development Group (TDG). TIC is a platform that facilitates the cutting-edge research and innovations idea fueling the future solution for healthcare industry with technology. It envisioned to be a platform that turns innovative ideas into reality.  Creative and innovative E-health solutions with potential and worthy of further development are what we are looking for! TIC is open to all like-minded innovators that are inspired to disrupt the current healthcare industry.  Innovators, researchers or even university students from both public and private industries are welcomed to join this competition.

Over the years, TIC received more than 20 team submissions per year from universities and industries players across the region. TIC offers the opportunities for networking and collaborations amongst the innovators, academician, industrial players, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders. As of 2017, 2 business match-making opportunities were set up for possible UK-Malaysia collaboration. Apart from business match-making, a development fund up to RM 3,000.00 is awarded to the shortlisted teams. Not just there yet, shortlisted teams will have the opportunity to showcase their product at the competition day to judges, expertise or even potential venture capitalist. Building on the tremendous success of TIC in the last 3 years, TIC is optimistic that the platform will catalyse even more cutting-edge research and innovations in the future. Join us as we explore this new frontier of E-health!

How to apply?

Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) & a short video (not more than 5 minutes) to pitch your project idea. Please click this EOI Submission link to register with us!

Am I eligible?

TIC is open to all phases of innovators. We have two tracks for all innovators:

Junior track: Ideation phase, purely research or lab phase, testing, prototyping or piloting phase. Our goal is to turn the idea into a marketable prototype.

Professional track: Beyond the “idea” phase, ready-to-go prototype

What is TIC competition journey like?

What are the important datelines?

What are the judging criteria & process?

A group of three to six judges – industry leaders, academia, and judges with relevant knowledge and expertise in telehealth from both public & private sectors -will judge each team. Our judges will evaluate each project on two key criteria:

  • Innovativeness of the project– novelties and innovativeness in the design of the project supported by sound scientific thoughts and principle.
  • Level of impact of the project– significance of the Project on healthcare accessibility, availability and cost-effectiveness of the solution as compared to the current services.

Judging process on the final competition day:

What is development fund?

Each of the TIC shortlisted teams will be awarded a development fund up to RM3,000.00. Find out more about our Terms and Conditions.

What is the prize?

Each track will be awarded with cash prizes of;

1st Prize RM 3,000.00

2nd Prize RM 2,000.00

3rd Prize RM 1,000.00

For professional track, we are happy to connect you with additional opportunities. Find out more by speaking to our TIC committee.

There is another RM1,000.00 cash prize up for grabs for the highest number of Facebook

emojis on our Facebook page! Find out more on  Terms and Conditions.

What about my Intellectual Property (IP)?

The IP will remain with the participating team. The organizing team will attempt to facilitate further development of any project(s). Should any opportunities arise from the project, the Organizing Committee reserves the first right of refusal to participate in the project on the provision that the Organizing Committee has the appropriate expertise. Kindly acknowledge the Competition for future publication or presentation.