Terms of Reference

a) The Telemedicine Development Group Steering Committee (TDG SC) shall be jointly helmed by the Director General of Ministry of Health and Chairman of Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission.

b) The members of the TDG Steering Committee comprises of :

  • Joint Chairmanship
  • Oversight Committee
  • Special Interest Group (SIG) Leads
  • Co-opted members

c) The Oversight Committee which comprise of founding members (MCMC, MoH, CREST & Monash University) shall facilitate, drive and coordinate TDG Steering Committee and SIG needs.d) All relevant stakeholders from other government agencies, academia, industry and healthcare service providers shall be invited to be part of the TDG Special Interest Group (SIG) accordingly.

e) The SIG is defined by key functions namely:

  • Policy & Regulatory
  • Knowledge Dissemination / Networking
  • R&D and Clinical Trials
  • Certifications, go-to market & manufacturing

f) Membership of SIG may be revised from time to time as determined by the respective SIG group. The lead of the SIG will be part of the TDG Steering Committee.

g) Appointment of SIG lead is by consensus of the respective SIG members and on a need basis.h) The SIG working committee shall manage their meetings and record pertinent matters according to their areas to be brought up to the TDG Steering Committee.

i) As appropriate, the Joint Chairmanship may at times, choose to invite, nominate and co-opt other invitees to the TDG Steering Committee based on the need for special expertise, technology know-how, facility and service provided.

j) The TDG Steering Committee shall be supported by a Joint Secretariat which comprise of representatives from MCMC and MoH.

k) In ensuring the outlined objectives are achieved, high level representation shall be expected from all participating parties of TDG Steering Committee and all invited attendees.

l) Within their respective roles & mandates, as appropriate, the responsibilities of the members of the TDG are to provide inputs in a harmonized manner, support, implement and actively monitor outlined projects, activities, guidelines and policies as per the objectives of TDG.

m) In delivering its duties, the members will undertake extensive engagement and consultation, recognizing the need for shared responsibility across all relevant stakeholders with the aim of improving the Telemedicine landscape in Malaysia.

n)Members are expected to pursue an all-inclusive approach in advocating and advancing the adoption of Telemedicine technologies in Malaysia.